What’s in the Share and at the Market 4/14

Hi members — Below please find a few additions and updates for the share this week. We are so excited to have such a great list of fresh produce for you! 

PRODUCE – Produce is from Flores Family Farm (George, Omar and family) Hague, Va unless otherwise indicated.  

MEATS – Meats might change


  • Billy Bread rustic sourdough – Legendary in Richmond! Here are some ways to use sourdough bread. when you get it and you plan to keep it on the counter – please take it out of the plastic bag so that it can breathe. If it gets moisture trapped in there, it will mold. I keep mine the in the fridge  in the plastic bag after the first day. 


  • Cheese -Curds and Whey RVA – Fresh Mozzarella – This is authentic Brooklyn Italian cheese  with great flavor and texture. We are excited to be offering more of John’s Italian meal kits too! Watch for these. 


Welcome Spring CSA Members! What’s in the Share 4/6+7

Kalettes are one of our favorites!

Welcome Members to the Spring/Summer CSA!

We are happy and grateful to have you this season. You will be receiving some automated message reminders to remind you to pick up your share and also that the deadline to order add-ons is coming by text if you opted in, or email if you didn’t. Richmond Home Delivery your share will be coming on TUESDAY this week – disregard the Wednesday reminders.  

Below is the menu for those who want to get straight to the food, then following are some other important details about what to expect from your share. 

Happy Cooking and Eating!

Suzi Miles + Mark Lilly and staff

PRODUCE – Produce is from Flores Family Farm (George, Omar and family) Hague, Va.  

  • mushrooms – Yvonne Harris, AM Fog, Afton, VA I believe it will be a blend of oyster, shiitake and maitake easy sauteed mushrooms. You can also substitute butter for the oil if you like butter. Her are some other recipes to try. Here is a guide to storing mushrooms. If your mushrooms dry, don’t throw them out – save them for savory mushroom powder. Its delish.
  • Kalettes – Yay!  these are one of our favorites! They are a hybrid of kale and brussels sprouts so you can use recipes for either of those. If they arrive on the stalk, you will have to pick them off and discard the stalk.  You can cook the leaves as well.  They are good raw, roasted, boiled, baked, sauteed. Here are recipes
  • swiss chard – this will have floppy leaves and may have rainbow stems or greenish white stems. It is a hardy green that stands up for more sturdy recipes so is nice for lasagna. Here is a basic sautee.  You can pickle the stems. Here are some creative ways to use it. 
  • rainbow carrots – carrots are versatile and everyone loves them. They can be roasted, eaten raw, baked and boiled.  Here are some easy recipes
  • broccoli – broccoli and za’atar soup with tahini cream (vegan), 
  • fingerling potatoes – seitan masala with potatoes, broccoli and mushrooms (vegan)
  • cilantro – Tallarines verdes (cilantro pesto – vegan)mushrooms with cilantro and lemon (great with the Billy Bread)
  • Virginia Peanut Company chocolate peanuts – if your family has a peanut allergy let me know so we can sub. These are delicious. Keep them in a cool place. 
  • kale – This will be dark green, leafy green. You will strip the leaves off the spines, unless they are tiny. Kale is not just for salad or sautee. Here are a whole bunch of ways that go beyond that.  You can also use the kale spines
  • apples – Saunders Bros, PIney River, VA – These have been in storage since fall and are still great eating. Here are some recipes



  • Prairie Grain mix – Midlothian, VA – this is a family bakery that grinds wheat for the bread just before baking! These are lovely sliced sandwich loaves. They freeze well and are great for anything you use sliced bread for. 
  • Billy Bread rustic sourdough – Legendary in Richmond! Here are some ways to use sourdough bread.  when you get it and you plan to keep it on the counter – please take it out of the plastic bag so that it can breathe. If it gets moisture trapped in there, it will mold. I keep mine the in the fridge  in the plastic bag after the first day. 


  • Cheese – Shenandoah Valley Family Farms raw cheddar – They are a co-op of Mennonite Farmers in the Shenandoah Valley and they have wonderful products including cheese and eggs.
  • About the milk –  Milk folks will be getting “meow milk” from Mountain View.   Do not be alarmed – it is not milk from cats, nor is it for cats, although they do like it! This milk is what is used for their butter and cheese and is fully inspected every time by USDA and VDACS. The milk is labeled as a “dairy treat for cats” which is a common and legal loophole to sell this milk legally under “pet milk” regulations, without having to purchase additional costly permits/license to sell milk for people, work thru red tape etc.  Dairy farming is the HARDEST farming there is, partly because of the heavy regulation of every single item.  In order to do be labeled as Pet Milk, it has a disclaimer” not for human consumption.” The milk is safe to do as you wish, within the privacy of your home. Please enjoy, and let me know if you have questions or concerns.


THE MENU – You will receive a What’s in the Share menu preview email from me, usually somewhere between Friday and Saturday, based on when Mark receives his final list from the farmers.  Make sure to put our phone numbers in your phone: If you have issues about picking up/delivery of your share on that day — DC please contact Mark at 804-397-7337.  Melissa who handles Richmond deliveries and host drops is 804-887-0300. Suzi – 804-397-7339 (All locations and if you can’t resolve your issue, need a credit, or replacement order.)

Please know that this is a preview of what we THINK may be in the share and the menu may change between now and when you actually receive it due to weather, product availability. We will try to let you know any major changes by email, and also post on our Facebook page, Facebook group, and on Instagram. But sometimes there will be surprises. 

We ask for your flexibility and that you don’t get too attached if you see something on the Wish List menu that doesn’t make it into your share. Depending on what kind of season we have, you may see some of the same items on the menu for a couple weeks if they have a longer season (tomatoes), sometimes you may only see them once if they have a short season (ramps, cherries, grapes) and others you will see rotated (corn, cukes, peppers, kale). Fruit shares will not start until May. We will have some pantry items to fill in the first few weeks – pantry items also support our farmers through-out the year and our ever growing local artisan food makers. These items are also available in our online CSA store. If you have allergies like gluten, peanuts, corn – please let me know so that we can substitute. I will also have a common allergy alert on these items. 

SEASONAL EATING – If this is your first time with a CSA, you may find seasonal eating within the CSA model might be different for you than shopping in the regular market, using a clicklist and even going to the farmer’s market. We have a set menu for our shares of the best of what is in season that week, and you can’t pick and choose like you normally would. There may be a learning curve for some of you – hang in there – it will get easier.  Email me if you are having a problem, or post on the Facebook group.  Here is a handy guide that will help you know when in the season to expect things.  With that said, Mark is an intrepid forager and is often able to locate the earliest items for us to enjoy. 

You might find challenges with items you have never seen or heard of – have fun researching them with your family and finding recipes. There are also a lot of excellent Farm to Table cookbooks out there and I give you recipes.Please join and post in our Facebook group as our members all have great ideas and frequently post what they are making. You may find a new favorite with a strange vegetable you never knew about! We work with farmers who grow heirloom vegetables, so they may look different than what you are used to.We are still in the beginning of Spring and farmers are just planting seeds for things we will see later in the season, we are still getting some items stored from Fall – and you will get a few pantry items to round things out till we really get going in a few weeks.

BAGS + PACKAGING – If you pick up at Eastern Market or Farm to Family, please bring your own bags. We try to be as environmentally conscious with packaging/reducing plastic as possible within our budget and logistics, but there are restrictions with Covid and other reasons for plastic – sometimes things may be packaged in plastic. Please recycle and know that we are working especially on reducing plastic bags. 

COOLERS – Home delivery members please leave a large cooler (we like a storage bin with ice bottles) in your delivery area and mark it F2F with tape or marker. Coolers are great to transport your share home if you have meats, dairy, or fragile items. 

MISSING ITEMS, MISSING DELIVERY, YUKKY STUFF – Very important – if you think there is something wrong with your order, contact us right away so we can trouble shoot! Thank you. 



Dear Spring and summer members — 

We are moving the CSA start dates back a week to Wednesday, April 7.  Depending on your location and frequency, your start may be Wednesday, April 14. There will NOT be any CSA this week or next. The Farm to Family Market in Richmond will also be closed until Wednesday, April 7th. 

This will allow our farmers more time with warmer weather and sunshine. We are in the process of moving schedules in the system, and there are a few details we are still sorting out, so the change may not yet be settled in your dashboard calendar for a few more days. I will let you know an update when I have more info. 

DC DELIVERIES ARE NOW WEDNESDAYS -We have moved our DC Eastern Market and Home Deliveries to Wednesdays – we will let you know soon about time, but it will probably be the same as Winter – 2:30 to 6.

BIWEEKLY HOME DELIVERIES – DC/RVA — Please note biweekly home deliveries may be switching start weeks  — I will have that info shortly for you. 

I will be sending out the Welcome letter soon. Let me know if you have questions or concerns. Thank you for your patience as we ready the new season for you!

You will receive auto-reminders for your start week on the Thursday before — the deadline for add ons is Friday at 5pm.

Thank you! 


Natural Awakenings Richmond

Mark was interviewed in this article Farmers’ Markets and CSAs Food Security on a Local Level | Healthy Living, Healthy Planet, Richmond ( in the new Natural Awakenings Richmond – Pick it up locally!


What’s in the CSA and in the Market 3/17/21

 We have a great share for you this coming week, the LAST week of the season!   Spring is coming – If you have not signed up yet for the new season, please do so. If you think you might move, please email me before signing up.

Enjoy this week’s food, and Happy Cooking! Here is the menu. As we are getting to the end of stored veggies and reduced harvest, please expect changes to the menu. No recipes as I am still trying to process the new season for you all. 

PRODUCE Produce is from Flores Family Farm (George, Omar and family) Hague, Va. 

  • bibb lettuce – hydroponic
  • brussels sprouts
  • shallots – here is how to use them
  • carrots
  • broccoli rabe – roasted broccoli rabe with shallots and pinenuts
  • sweet potatoes
  • yellow onions
  • kale
  • broccoli
  • 1 of these, but not sure which: chocolate peanuts, frozen corn, apple butter, maple syrup, or BBQ Sauce

MEAT – will be a mix of 3 of these but again I don’t know what he will do

  • chicken legs/thighs
  • bison NY Strips
  • sausage links
  • game hen

BREAD -Billy Bread rustic sourdough


  • goat cheese