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CSA Week 6 – Cherries~~

10392287_10152430866170935_115419487903632828_nSo here is what we think is in the share, always subject to change.


  • Cherries – from Crown Orchard near Charlottesville, (Charlottesville is where most of our fruit comes from and has been grown and cultivated since before Thomas Jefferson’s time.) This is a GREAT year for cherres, they have been sweet and delicious. The orchard has been owned and operated by the Chiles Family since 1912. They are a low spray orchard, and use integrative pest control methods, and sensors in the orchard to keep them apprised of humidity and other environmental factors that affect the fruit. I got a cherry pitter when I got married (it also pits olives) and it makes working with cherries very fast + easy.
  • kohlrabi – is an emerging culinary star, and versatile, and it is another UFO looking veggie – you can bake, broil, roast, toast, boil, mash and don’t forget to cook the leaves like kale, make fries, risotto. grate it into slaw, turn it into fritters, mash it and put gravy on it euro style. Its a brassica, so cabbage and broccoli are its cousins, and I think it resembles broccoli in flavor, but milder. You can think of it as a vehicle for whatever you want to put with it. European customers in particular squeal with delight when they see it. Visit Huff Post’s WTF guide to CSA veggies ; NYTimes blog; and the
  • leeks – they are the darling of french cuisine, and aren’t just for soup.
  • black kale – one of our favorites types of kale. I made kale chips in our dehydrator last week with these and they turned out the best ever. Great to sautee, or turn into salad.
  • thai basil – try this cherry gazpacho with basil!!
  • green beans – try them thai style, with the basil and chicken.
  • zucchini – I thought this zucchini noodle with thai basil pesto sounded delicious!
  • mushrooms (Lion’s Mane I think) – Cook these with you chicken, and any of your veggies.
  • English Peas – oh these are so wonderful. My grandmother used to steam them, and put hot milk, butter, salt and pepper on them. I’ve just been eating them raw all week. LA Weekly has a few great recipes in this article, including baked ricotta with English peas from Deborah Madison, who is one of my favorite cookbook authors.
  • Red Leaf Lettuce
  • Kirby Cukes (the little pickling cukes to tasty to eat!) – these are gorgeous just to slice lengthwise into spears and eat with a little salt and pepper. they are great in salads. here is an easy refrigerator pickle from Food in Jars (great recipes for small batches – you can make zucchini and green bean pickles too!)


  • Chicken breast (Morning Glory Farm) – chicken picatta is one of my all time favorite chicken recipes, I love its combination of lemony, winey, buttery, capery goodness. I would definitely sautee the mushrooms with this, and you could add thai basil to give it a twist. This recipe from E.A.T. is easy.  Remember the MG chicken breast will have texture to it because it is pastured Freedom Rangers – don’t overcook.  E.A.T. has a ton of good recipes, and his blog is entertaining.
  • Virginia Trout Company trout – quick and easy – trout and basil in parchment
  • Sausage Craft (subject to change) – we LOVE Sausage Craft – there is NOT a bad sausage in the batch. Selections rotate, and are made fresh weekly. If you have a special request, they may make that batch just for you!  Brad and Chris are two very cool guys. Chris is the chef, and Brad is the business guy (and also one of the owners of Metzger Bar + Butchery that is receiving national acclaim).

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See you soon!



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