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Week 8 CSA Recipes, Capitol Hill Market Update and Go Fund Me


7060515_1449430170-1.5258Hi Folks — We hope you enjoy this really great share for you this week. Mark will again have Christmas trees and wreaths this week – Get there early to choose your tree. I believe he will also be doing free delivery this week. Trees while they last, will also be available at our Thursday PopUp Market at 8th St + East Capital, NE.

A reminder to check your holiday plans, and put your share on hold if you are traveling. Email me to let me know you wish to redeem any held shares: move to another date, tranfer to credit, or donate. We have families and a church we give donated food to.  Final shares for December will be 12/22 for weekly, and 12/15 bi-weekly, returning 1/5 for weekly, and 1/12 for weekly. Let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Capitol Hill Market Update –  We are working on a Business Plan, and are seeking someone to help with that. If you want to help, please email or chat with him at pickup. We are excited to be finalizing plans to move into our first brick and mortar store on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C., in the old Morton’s Pharmacy on 8th and E. Capital, where we have been doing the pop-up the last few weeks. We feel strongly that all Capitol Hill residents have access to high quality produce, meat, dairy, grains and more – as well as a strong local food economy.

GO FUND ME! We have launched our GoFundMe fundraiser. This fundraiser is intended to provide Mark with the funds to cover rent, payroll and equipment for the first 6 months. Please llike and share, and donate if you can. We are grateful for any support!


This project has been several years in the making. We are eternally grateful to you, our CSA members, and look forward to playing a bigger role in the Capitol Hill Community.

If you have any last minute changes on your share this week, email asap as we are packing the truck now.

Thank you!

Suzi, Mark, Allie and team


•    brussel sprouts – farro with roasted brussel sprouts and pistachios. Or easy flash fried brussels sprouts with garlic and lime

•    collards – 13 ways to make them delish

•    tuscan kale – kale suggestions

•    apples – My friend Rudston leads Walking Food Tours for Truffle Pig in Tuscany. I found this recipe today, and thought of him. If you are looking to tour Tuscany, he’s your guide. Tuscan Apple Cake

•    shiitake – sauteed shiitakes with brussel sprouts and truffle oil

•    purple radish – Orange and radish salad with pistachios 

•    red vein sorrel – sorrel explained

•    creasy greens – One of our favorite winter greens, and richer in Vitamin C than oranges.They are in the cress family, so have a bit of a peppery bite, that is reduced by cooking. Here’s a great blog post from our friend Tim Vidra. I also like to sautee or briase them. You can add smaller, tender pieces to salads and sandwiches. Old timers are either looking for them, or stay far away, as they are reminded of having to go forage them out in the field for dinner!  Wash wash Wash and rinse thoroughly, as these grow in sandy Hanover County soil. You can even put them in the washing machine, like some folks do!

•    spinach – 5 dinners with spinach in them

•     broccoli – don’t forget the stems

•    sweet potatoes – Sweet Potato Latkes – perfect for Hannukah


•    Pork chops – roasted pork chops with apples

•    Bison Skirt Steak – Thai Bison Grilled Skirt Steak Salad Grilled with Balsamic apricot marinade (or Lime) (you can sub one of our yummy jams for the apricot – this would be amazing with the nectarine or plum.

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