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Week 13 CSA Recipes – Red cabbage, kale, shiitakes!

Here’s what’s in the share this time, along with recipes. We will also have Morning Glory chicken livers and hearts a la carte. Recipes for pate and other delicious ideas for chicken livers are in the email. Liver is a great paleo/gaps way to get those nutrients that are often lacking. Also dogs love and cats love them. Here is a chicken liver sautee with caulflower and kale recipe that I like to make from Mickey Trescott at Autoimmune Paleo I also like to make pate, and freeze half in a loaf pan, then you have slices of it you can easily add to meals, and it becomes portable.

Our DC schedule this week:
Eastern Market Tuesday night, 4-7pm,
Wednesday at Patriot’s Plaza, 315 E Street, SW, 20024
Ramen stir fry with sesame, shiitake, red cabbage, & ginger
Red cabbage
Red cabbage, kale & quinoa bibimbap bowl
Curly kale
Raw kale salad with lentils & sweet apricot vinaigrette
(use your jam instead of the apricot preserves)
Purple sweet potatoes
Vegan purple sweet potato pie
Purple sweet potato corn chowder
Butternut squash
Butternut squash & kale lasagna
Barley risotto with kale & butternut squash
Broccoli gratin with crispy onions
French fried onions
Onion strings
Pajeon red cabbage
Allegheny Mountain trout fillets
Fish ‘N Sauce
Pan seared lemon pepper rainbow trout
Smoked trout
Smoked trout sandwich
Milton’s bacon – mix this with your chicken livers! mmmmm!
Apple & bacon grilled cheese
Sweet potato rolls with bacon & brown sugar butter
Morning Glory chicken legs
Roasted achiote chicken with potato, broccoli, & tangerine aioli
We will also be bringing packs of chicken livers and hearts from Morning Glory to sell a la carte. It will be first come, first served, unless you e-mail us within the next couple of hours to set one aside for you. Here are a few links to great information on the health benefits and different methods of preparing livers and hearts. Remember that pate freezes extremely well.
Chicken Hearts & Livers
Wellness Mama: Are Organ Meats Healthy?
Grilled chicken hearts
2 Liver Pate recipes

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