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Hi Folks —  i think this is the BEST WEEK EVER in the history of our farmer’s markets. It is ridiculous what is in store for us this week. I think the universe (and Mark) went all out.
Aaaaand drum roll please…..

  • nectarines
  • sweet corn
  • sweet yummy peppers
  • mint
  • mini watermelons — hoo rah! — I know you just want to eat it, but watermelon salad with feta and mint is delicious. And save your rinds for watermelon rind pickles easy and tasty. kids will love them.
  • sugar cube cantaloupes – sweetness themselves
  • spinach – be like popeye
  • cherry tomatoes
  • russet potatoes
  • green peppers
  • white onions
  • CHANTARELLE MUSHROOMS !!!!!!! sautee in the cultured Mt. View Butter!
  • peaches
  • Hanover tomatoes
  • pickle cukes – small batch garlic dill pickles


  • blackberries
  • peaches
  • raspberries


  • Edmonds Farm Bison steak – Ribeye, skirt or flank. If you get ribeye, you will NOT get smoked trout. I don’t know who that will be – Mark is not responding to me )-: If you have a no trout on your share, there will be something else for you.
  • Polyface breakfast links
  • Virignia Trout Company smoked trout — This is truly a decadent delicious treat perfect as an appetizer whenever you want to treat special friends, or just because. It reminds me of smoked salmon, only better. My dad used to smoke trout (and eel) when I was a kid, and this reminds me of his.

YOGURT/KEFIR UPDATE – no yogurt or kefir this week, but Mark thinks this will be sorted by next week. We are very sad that Old Church Creamery has suspended their yogurt and kefir operations. However, milk will continue, and it is super easy to make at home, and their milk is perfect for this.

DIY PROJECT: YOGURT and KEFIR are super easy to make at home in your oven, slow cooker, electric pressure cooker,  dehydrator or a yogurt maker. You can also make it on your kitchen countertop. But remember you don’t need fancy gadgets – just a steady temperature and time.  You also need good quality whole milk (like Old Church which is chock full of healthy fats that support your brain, heart and help you obtain healthy weight – for real! drink it and lose weight!  Jersey cow milk is the healthiest cow milk.) and good quality plain full fat yogurt that has live probiotic in it (did you save some from last week when I told you to?)
Here’s how to make it in your oven from yogurt, and here’s how to make it from a culture (also tips on how to make different types/styles of yogurts).  You can get culture at Hill’s Kitchen, 713 D Street SE (Leah will be looking for you, so let her know you are one of our members!) I also love Cultures for Health — Great recipes and great products and they have frequent sales. They also carry supplies for home brew, and more. You can purchase online, or at any Mom’s store and at Dawson’s Market.
What I like to do: Strain yogurt it to make it THICKER Greek style, OR strain it for a longer time to make yogurt cheese or cream cheese (save your whey to culture veggies or add to smoothies, pets like it too). So wonderful and easy to make, you will NEVER buy storebought creamcheese again. I also add grass fed gelatin to thicken my yogurt and add more nutrients (like Aussie style) – Great Lakes is cheaper, Vital Proteins (has a cold water soluble) and Perfect Supplements more expensive but smell and taste better. Thrive online has good price on the Vital Proteins brand. Our favorite yogurt toppings? our LOVE + GRATITUDE jam, raw honey, fresh fruit and Sheila’s addictive Thinking of You granola.
KEFIR – WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOGURT AND KEFIR?  I like to think of kefir as yogurt’s tangy drinkable therapeutic cousin. I like both of them, but I find kefir makes my tummy work better, and boosts my immune system more. I love good quality kefir and like to drink it straight with no fruit or sweetener. When you use good quality milk, you can taste the sweetness of the milk. and don’t need to disguise the kefir with fruit or sweeteners (like store kind).
HOW TO MAKE MILK KEFIR – you need kefir grains for this, either a purchased variety or from a friend.

Jam, sorghum molasses, Virginia peanuts, local honey, maple syrup, hot sauce, soaps and other local goods!

All items are subject to availability! Get there early to get the best stuff! For more info on specifics, Call Mark at 804-397-7337 or email

Happy Cooking!

We’re Hiring for a Farmer’s Market Assistant + Interns

Farm to Family, based in Richmond, VA, has an immediate part time JOB opening for Farmer’s Market Associate/Customer Service for our well-established pop-up markets + CSA on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC. Interships also available.

Schedule is currently Tuesday 2-7pm; Wed 9-7pm, Thursday 10-7pm (25-30 hrs/wk). $12/hr to start based on experience – advancement opportunities exist to grow with our company.

Job duties include but not limited to:

. Market management including customer service and sales, staffing, forecasting, reports
· Educating and interacting with community members at CSA pick-ups, farmers markets, and more.

· Marketing experience including social media and events

· Must be able to do heavy lifting

· Setup, breakdown of farmer’s markets

· Assist with CSA delivery
Skillset and Experience:

· Experience with retail, CSA model as well as farmers markets a+ including inventory management, ordering, interaction with farmers and vendors.

. Excel, Microsoft word, Square, Powerpoint, graphic design a plus.

· Excellent customer service skills required

· High level of responsibility reliability, motivation, passion about local food and a willingness to learn required

· Ability to work effectively and cooperatively with staff = Required

· Must be able to do heavy lifting – Required

· Clean driver’s license/ability to drive a box truck a +
This is a year-round position for someone who is enthusiastic about growing the CSA and Farmer’s Market experience with us.

For more info about us:

Please forward resume to or call 804-397-7337

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