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DC Farmers Markets – Grapes, Honey Crisp + Gala apples, Pears, frogskin melon, edamame, shiitakes, okra, trout, #capitolhill #patriotsplaza #easternmarket

Apples and Onions, Delicious!
Apples and Onions, Delicious!

Hi everyone, what an amazing share  Mark has for you this week, as the first cooler days have come our way. Fall is on the way, and so is our Fall CSA!

  • I will have that info up online this week – I have had some technical difficulty, so bear with me!  Details: Starts the first week of October, runs 24 weeks with a two week break for winter holidays for Christmas and New Years,
  • Prices are the same for meat and dairy etc, except Produce is $40, and Full Share is $115 (produce is slightly smaller share).
  • Locations: Eastern Market, Patriot’s Plaza, and 7th/G drop (will revert to Eastern Market if we do not get 10 people.) We will not be offering Home Delivery – We are so grateful to our home delivery members for their patience and flexibility with delivery. Logistically it was very challenging for our small operation. We hope you will stay with us, and move over to the other locations. Eastern Market and Patriots Plaza offer the best flexibility, with ability to swap out items, and add more depending on what extra he has.
  • if you have credit, it will roll over to Fall (CSAware will pull from credit first, then your card on file). If you want to pass on Fall, but rejoin us in Spring, your credit will still  roll!
  •  If you still have boxes held from earlier in the season, and wish to convert them to credit, let me know as I do not automatically do that. They need to be manually moved. If you wish to redeem your held box by picking it up on an off week or doubling off, you need to let me know!
  • Please share us. When you refer us, ask folks to use your name upon signing up (there is a field) and you will receive a Referral Reward credit.
  • Partial season? A lot of people move, but still want to do a share for the time they are in the area. No problem. Email me to discuss options.
Spring Summer CSA Bounty
Spring Summer CSA Bounty

What will you get? Virginia is a very diverse 4 season growing state – greens grow straight thru! We also work with innovative farmers using greenhouses and hoop houses to stretch the seasons. Many items are picked and stored, such as apples,  root veggies and squashes. Mushrooms move indoors.

  • Fruit: pears, grapes, different apples (straight thru), asian pears, possible late raspberries.
  • Veg: pumpkins, squashes, beets, turnips,carrots, leeks, onions, potatoes, mushrooms, herbs, sweet potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke,  rutabagas, greens like chard, spinach, creasy greens, kale, kalettes, cauliflower, broccoli, romanesco, we are hoping for fresh ginger and turmeric, and more.
  • In addition as the season progresses, or if we have bad weather (snow, cold and ice can affect greens and either items growing),  you will start getting 1 or two pantry items or added value item – this helps us get thru the winter season with diversity and supports our farmers who are preserving, drying or otherwise using their harvest from earlier in the year. What might you get?  honey, applesauce, apple butter, maple barbecue sauce, fermented veggies (kraut), dried black beans, frozen corn, buckwheat flour, Wade’s Mill (400 year old mill) cornmeal, polenta, grits, baking mixes and other grains, sorghum molasses, Virginia peanuts, Twin Oaks soy foods, heirloom popcorn, our own  jam, and more.

Twin Oaks Tofutwo for one sale/BOGO continues on the best tofu and vegan sausage ever! Non-gmo and organic, this helps support the Twin Oaks intentional community in Louisa, Va. Twin Oaks Foods is a sister project to Southern Exposure heirloom seeds, and they also make hammocks!

Varieties included in the sale: plain, Italian Herb, Vegan chorizo sausage (not GF), Vegan Breakfast style sausage (not GF). This will be first come, first served (unless you email me to reserve). If you are receiving tofu or vegan sausage this week, you will get an extra item!  The expiration is up on some of them this week, but these are conservative for food safety, or freeze, they all freeze well and it imparts a chewier texture.

Here’s what’s in the share:

  • grapes (yum! They will have seeds, but don’t let that deter you from their amazing sweet tart flavor.
  • honey crisp apples (yum)
  • edamame – steam and salt Japanese style. make hummus!
  • swiss chard
  • sorrell
  • shiitake mushrooms
  • frog  skin melon – like honeydew
  • sweet banana peppers
  • roma tomatoes (roast them! make sauce!)
  • zuchini (anybody try that brownie recipe floating around?)
  • hanover tomatoes
  • pablano peppers


  • gala apples
  • pears
  • sugar cube cantaloupe


  • trout filet
  • smoked trout (YUM!)
  • ground bison

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