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10649804_10153689250785935_8905127908953939178_nMILK!! YAY!! I have great news for dairy folks — Old Church Creamery milk is BACK this week!! so exciting – this is the best milk ever, from the best cows, Jersey cows!  We are hoping yogurt and kefir will return in about a month or so. If you find yourself having difficulty getting thru the milk, it is great to cook with (think soups, chowders, custards, old fashioned tapioca so good with our eggs) and It is easy to make ricotta (see Simona’s ricotta in 5 minutes on our Facebook group), mozzarella, yogurt and kefir. You will have to get cultures for everything but ricotta – We love Hill’s Kitchen! Tell them we sent you.

And YES!! we have a Facebook group for our CSA! IPLEASE post pictures of your share, recipes, and more. This is our online community and you will find recipes, tips, photos and more here. I also post updates there if there are changes in the share, and other information about delivery. What kind of stuff do you want to see on our group? let me know!  Join here.

Greens – You will start to see more greens as the weather cools off – lettuces, salad mixes, arugula, spinach, kale and more. The more delicate greens need to be eaten quickly – plan to cycle them in earlier in your week, and hardier greens like kale later. Take a look at all your greens when you get home and are putting them away and do a little prep with them so they last longer – its work, but worth it.  Here’s a guide to keeping your greens fresh.

Event – We will be at the Payne Elementary School Fall Festival this coming Saturday. Can you come help us for an hour or so? We need members to help us with fall membership drive – your experiences help! and will also have a mini pop-up market and will be raffling off some goodies. If you can help, email me. If you are invovled with an event you think might be good for us, let us know!

Here is what we anticipate being in the share this week. Keep in mind the share list is what we THINK will be in the share, and can often change last moment due to availability, weather and other factors – so we ask you to be flexible. For instance, the list has already switched around this weekend due to the excessive wind and rain our area received this weekend.  I will continue to try to get the list to you as soon as possible as I understand many of you like to preplan your meals, but Mark works so closely with the farmers, he often doesn’t have it finalized until late Sunday.

Happy Cooking!



  • mushrooms –  These are so delicious! Here are tips on storing mushrooms. Poached eggs with shiitake and tatsoi toasts. Yum. Recipe calls for duck eggs (see if Mark has any) otherwise use hen eggs.
  • totsoi spinach – This is so delicious and versatile too! Here is a guide, and recipes. Hope you love it!
  • spicy salad mix – here’s Mark Bittman’s roasted beet salad with walnuts and goat cheese. 
  • yellow wax beans – Try Warm Yellow Wax Beans with Bacon vinaigrette – its a cross between a salad and a side dish and VERY yummy!  Skip the bacon to make it vegetarian.
  • beets – Beets are really amazing! We have gotten them all summer as they were growing, and now they have been harvested and stored.  They are really good for you, and chinese dietary therapy indicates they help you build blood. So many ways to use them – I love to roast them as it brings out the sweetness. I love them in salads, in soups, in sides and you can even bake with them like these vegan fudgey cupcakes. You can also use them as a sub for tomatoes like this nomato marinara sauce by my friend Amanda at the Curious Coconut  (great if you are nightshade sensitive or supporting autoimmune issues.) Try  French Peasant Beets with wine. Here is Victoria Boutenko’s delicious raw borscht!
  • broccoli – wow. this sounds amazing. Pasta, broccoli and ricotta! You can easily make your own ricotta by following Simona’s suggestions on our Facebook page.
  • apples – how about a healthy caramel apple?
  • garlic – how to store garlic. how to pickle garlic.
  • cherry tomatoes – enjoy these lovely late tomatoes. add them to salad, top a pizza, or add to the yellow bean recipe above.
  • hot chili peppers – I usually dry hot peppers to use later in the year. Here’s a great guide to preserving chills. Last year I made my own chili powder from dried chilis. There are lots of good recipes out there, but this one from Alton Brown starts with fresh chilis that you pan roast. When  you make your own, you control the flavor, the heat and best of all, no additives. When working with hot peppers, be careful. Here’s a safety guide.  Here’s how to infuse vodka with chili peppers. Here’s how to infuse honey, vinegar and oils with peppers.
  • delicata squash – This is my favorite squash – Wash it first, then cut in half, scoop out the seeds with the serrated edge of a grapefruit spoon (best squash and pumpkin tool ever!) and roast with a little butter, salt and pepper. You can also cut it into rounds and sautee it. Keep your seeds, and roast as a snack, or to top soups and salads. The skin is edible on delicata, so don’t throw it out. Here ‘s a guide to squash and its skins from Deborah Madison — All her recipes are amazing.
  • niagara grapes – grapes are one of my favorite fall fruit. These do have seeds (i eat the seeds), but pack a powerful flavor, so I encourage you to get your kids to try them. They are relatively fragile, so eat them or do something with them before too many days go by.  Here’s a great guide to them and some recipes to try. Remember grapes are poisonous to dogs, so don’t feed Fido any.


  • trout filets – Virginia Trout Company – We really love these! So fast, easy and delicous. You can easily pan fry them with butter or coconut oil, or get fancy with these recipes. These are great for kids – no need to worry about bones. Baked Trout with shiitake mushrooms, tomatoes and ginger. I would use the cherry tomatoes for this.
  • Puff BBQ – Southernmost Maple — This comes from our maple farmers, Mike Puffenberger andhis family at  Southernmost Maple. They are from Highland County, the “little Switzerland” of Virginia. They are famous for their maple products, and especially this BBQ! It comes frozen, and all you have to do is heat and eat! It is really packed into the container.  Just add some sides, and you have an awesome meal.
  • Polyface Pork Chops – try these Grilled Pork Chops with Grapes from Mario Batali – it calls for Concord grapes, but he says you can sub, so our grape this week would be really good I think. The Polyface porkchops are perfect for this recipe. I used to see Mario Batali shopping at the Union Square farmer’s Market when I lived in NYC, and I loved to watch him talk to the farmers and see what he was getting and try to figure out what he was going to make. Major Chef Crush. We are so lucky to be close enough to Polyface Farms to work with Joel Salatin and his family. Joel is probably the world’s most famous farmer.

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