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Bison skirt steak, black trumpet mushrooms, white grapes, magness pears, chiogga beets. YUMMMMMMMY

grapes-csaMark has some truly inspired local goods for you this week! Our Thursday Market is still on hold, please visit our other Markets: Tuesday – Eastern Market, 225 7th Street SE 4-7pm, Wednesday – Patriots Plaza, 315 E Street, SW 11-6:30 pm. If you have questions regarding the markets, please call or text Mark at 804-397-7337.


  • October beans – these are so good. Here are some ideas
  • Oak leaf lettuce (head) – Thai grilled steak salad – use your bison skirt steak below, cherry tomatoes, cilantro. yum. 
  • chioga beets – these look like Dr. Seuss beets. Here’s some tips. 
  • cilantro
  • white turnips – you can sautee the tops like any greens. The roots are so sweet and tender. Turnips for people who think they hate them here
  • white sweet potatoes – they are very creamy in texture! Delicious.
  • magness pears – autumn salad with pears and gorgonzola
  • white slipskin grapes – heavenly.
  • broccoli – roasted broccoli with cherry tomatoes and garlic
  • black trumpet mushrooms- these are heavenly and I have been just throwing them in with everything, including scrambled eggs, trout, ground beef sautee etc this week. They can be used in place of truffles. More info here
  • acorn squash – stuff them with the mushrooms!! or try this acorn squash salad 
  • cherry tomatoes
  • Edmonds bison skirt steak – I’ve made juniper marinated bison skirt steak a bunch of times and it is super delicious. I’ve swapped out berries for a drop of juniper essential oil (make sure it is supplement grade like doTERRA) and added in the black pepper essential oil (so amazing to just sprinkle on any meats after cooking!) If you are interested in culinary essential oils, email me. Here’s skirt steak with cilantro garlic sauce (I love cooking with cilantro essential oil also.)
  • Bacon (Miltons I think) – try skillet turnips and potatoes with bacon
Turkeys – I am taking pre-orders for Turkeys from Polyface. They are $5.50/lb, with a $20 deposit. Please let me know if you want a turkey, and what size (small 12-14, medium 14-16, large 18=22 lbs). I have not gotten any turkey orders from any of you yet, so please get your orders in. We have a limited number of turkeys available. There are also other holiday meats available, email me with what you want.
Facebook – We are trying to utilize our CSA facebook page more. For instance, I posted what I thought the share preview was going to be (it has since changed a little bit). If you would like to particpate, make sure you adjust your notifications to ALL so you are getting our posts.  Ask to join here. 

Fall/ winter shares are LIVE for you to sign up for. I am so excited. The honey crisp apples we got last week were so delicious! And there are more this week PLUS Apple Cider!  If you are interested in signing up for Fall, please do so now here! Make sure to review our FAQ and Policies, as many of your questions may be answered there.   Please share us with your friends!

  •  Details: Starts the first week of October, runs 24 weeks with a two week break for winter holidays for Christmas and New Years,
  • Prices are $45/week for produce, $32/week for meat and dairy shares, $120 for Full share (produce, meat, dairy and bread). Add ons are available for eggs, bread etc.
  • Locations: Eastern Market, Patriot’s Plaza, and 7th/G drop (will revert to Eastern Market if we do not get 10 people.)

PROMOTIONS/DISCOUNTS (for shares only, does not apply to member fees)

  • PAID IN FULL upfront for the FULL share (includes produce, dairy, meat, bread) GET 10% off. Members still pay member fee. Expires 11/1. Coupon Code is WHOLESHEBANG16 (there is a place to enter it during checkout).  We appreciate our paid in full, full share members because your commitment is the glue to help us do what we do. You provide us working capital to work with our farmers in the best possible way at the beginning of the season, and supports our local farming micro-community. Our farmers put in a HUGE investment at the beginning of THEIR season for us, and this way we are able to pay them back in a timely manner. THANK YOU!
  • MILITARY DISCOUNT – 10% – for ACTIVE or VETERAN MILITARY – Thank you for your servce! Please email for your verification and code. For those of us who have been with us before, the code is the same, so search your email or ask me again. 
  • REFERRAL REWARDS PROGRAM – For every friend, family member, co-worker or random person you refer who joins, you receive a $25 credit that goes towards FREE FOOD! Make sure to tell your friends to use YOUR NAME when they sign up, so you get your credit. THANK YOU!

What will you get? Virginia is a very diverse 4 season growing state – greens grow straight thru! We also work with innovative farmers using greenhouses and hoop houses to stretch the seasons. Many items are picked and stored, such as apples,  root veggies and squashes. Mushrooms move indoors.

  • Fruit: pears, grapes, different apples (straight thru), asian pears, possible late raspberries.
  • Veg: pumpkins, squashes, beets, turnips,carrots, leeks, onions, potatoes, mushrooms, herbs, sweet potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke,  rutabagas, greens like chard, spinach, creasy greens, kale, kalettes, cauliflower, broccoli, romanesco, we are hoping for fresh ginger and turmeric, and more.
  • In addition as the season progresses, or if we have bad weather (snow, cold and ice can affect greens and either items growing),  you will start getting 1 or two pantry items or added value item – this helps us get thru the winter season with diversity and supports our farmers who are preserving, drying or otherwise using their harvest from earlier in the year. What might you get?  honey, applesauce, apple butter, maple barbecue sauce, fermented veggies (kraut), dried black beans, frozen corn, buckwheat flour, Wade’s Mill (400 year old mill) cornmeal, polenta, grits, baking mixes and other grains, sorghum molasses, Virginia peanuts, Twin Oaks soy foods, heirloom popcorn, our own  jam, and more.

If you have questions about the Fall share, email me. Join Now, and Support the local food system.

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