what’s in the share and at DC farmer’s markets this week: fresh young ginger, Billy Bread, mushrooms, kalettes, Polyface Hot Dogs. YUM!


Bread – Billy Bread – if, horrors, you do not eat your Billy Bread fast enough, do not throw it away!  here are other ways to use it.



  • Morning Glory – whole broiler – slow roasted chicken with cilantro lime butterroasted chicken bahn mi sandwich with cilantro and marinated carrots. 
  • Polyface hot dogs – these are so delicous. Kids love them, and so do grown ups. I love to eat them with legendary Michigan sauce (a local favorite from my home area, northern NY, only as a kid we ate them with Glazier’s Red Hotdogs. I cringe to think of ingredients in those hot dogs but they were soooo good). Here’s a basic recipe and this is another good one for game day – lots of cumin is very important. You can adjust for your own palate and depending on how sweet you like your sauce. I put all my ingredients in slow cooker, ground beef goes in raw, and let it go till its done – 6-8 hours. then I mash with a potato masher to get the right consistency.  You can eat them with mustard and onions (I like mine with, buried). You will want to make a lot of this sauce, and freeze it for when you get a hankering.

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