CSA shares this week.

Apples and Onions, Delicious!
Apples and Onions, Delicious!

Hi DC members,

This will be your last share for the year, and those of you who are weekly will have your next share on Tuesday,  ⅓ Tuesday – those of you who are bi-weekly, 1/10. There is currently a glitch in the CSAware system and the schedule is OFF, we are working to get that fixed.

We are so grateful to have you as members this year, and glad you made the choice to get your family’s food with us.  We hope you have enjoyed everything so far.  We wish you happy holidays and a wonderful New Year!

here is what is in the share:



Eastern Market folks will get the following:

  • Morning Glory chicken leg quarters – Nom Nom Paleo Asian Chicken thighs – perfect if you still have some fresh ginger! and serve with the roasted broccoli. NOM NOM!!
  • Puff’s Maple BBQ – heat this up, make a little salad, roast brussel sprouts, or sautee kale and  you are set for an easy dinner after holiday shopping frenzy. This is also tasty enough to wow  your friends – make little sliders.
  • Puff’s Maple sausage – Savory sausage, greens, roasted tomatoes bread pudding great comfort food perfect for family breakfast or dinner.

7th/G people will get the following:

  • Edmonds Farm – Bison chuck roast –  this is a treat. Cook it like you would a beef pot roast. This secret is to thoroughly brown the meat on all sides when you start your prep so it has a nice crust on it – that ensures your meat will be tender, juicy and flavorful.   Here is a beer braised version, with fresh rosemary and thyme.  Chuck roast, whether beef or bison, are one of the most economical cuts of meat, and super delicious. You can modify any beef recipe for your bison. I love to make bison bourgognone also!!! and here is barbecue bison and pulled bison with cider! Good luck and enjoy!

Happy Cooking!


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