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What’s in the Share – Valentine’s Edition – Update on Spring CSA

We hold you dear to our hearts this coming Valentine’s Day, and we hope that eating our food is supporting your heart, and whole body health!  One of the biggest benefits we have heard from our members, is how much healthier they feel by eating local food, and committing to a CSA helps them stay on their food goal track. If you have any success stories you’d like to share with our public, please email them to me (pictures are good too!) Thank you! Don’t forget to sign up for Spring! It starts on Tuesday, March 28.  You can sign up online, or in person at Eastern Market on Tuesday nights 4-7pm.

f2fdelivery bikeWe are super excited about home delivery for our CSA this spring on the Schlep trikes, that he is cutting the delivery fee in half – from $8/time to $4/time.

We also have a 10% discount on the FULL share (produce, meat, dairy, bread) that is paid in full, up front – discount code FULL17 at checkout. 10% discount for active military, or retired veterans (email for code).

We have added another neighborhood drop site, pending 10 members at 23rd Place, E St NE, near Kingman Park. If you have signed up and want to switch over, let me know.

Share with friends and family — if you refer someone and they sign up, it earns you $25 referral reward!

Sign up today!

Email me with questions or concerns.

Happy Cooking! Here is what’s in the share – I see some lovely Valentine’s meals here.


  • sunflower shoots
  • carrots with tops
  • Wade’s Mill white grits – these are phenomenal, and prized by chefs all over the region More about Wade’s Mill here.  How to make grits without recipe.
  • Romaine lettuce – apple carrot romaine juice
  • bibb lettuce
  • sunflower shoots
  • mushrooms
  • fresh horseradish – this is indeed a treat, and you have not had horseradish until you have had it fresh. It is terrifically aromatic, and it will clear out your sinuses and may make you cry (like chopping onons) so you might want to wear safety glasses and prep in a well ventilated area to avoid tears. (i had a restaurant job once where I wore swimming goggles when I chopped onions). Here are a ton of cool recipes. I like to use a plane zester and grate it into dishes. Fire Cider is also a great way to use it, easy, and not only makes a wonderfully spicy condiment and DIY on trend gift your friends will love,  it helps keeps the cooties at bay (here is another version, called Master Tonic  with video tutorial, that has a much more therapeutic spin on it.)  I try to keep some of this on hand at all times, not just for flavor, but for health. A shot a day.. Another easy favorite is horseradish preserved with vinegar. My dad had horseradish growing in the garden, and along the brook, and I remember he and my mom taking turns grinding it by hand, tears streaming down their face. Then they would put it in baby food jars, and freeze. Then we would have horseradish at every meal – its really good with potatoes, turnip mash, and with meats and eggs! You can easily grind it in a food processor or Vitamix type blender, put into your jars, and top with vinegar. it will stay fresh in your fridge for a long time, but also you can freeze, like my parents did. If you are a Bloody Mary person, this will really take your drinks to the next level. Here’s an easy recipe. Horseradish is, as my dad would say, “good for what ails ya” and just one of the weird folklore things I grew up with that I now find are REALLY good for you. Here’s more info on using it therapeutically from the late, great Dr. Christopher.
  • potatoes
  • leeks – potato leek soup with cheese rinds –  I hope you have been saving your Mt. View cheese rinds. I keep mine in a ziplock in the cheese drawer. They were made for recipes like this one.
  • bok choy
  • turnips – smashed turnips with horseradish


  • Smoked trout – this makes such a dramatic appetizer, and lovely on a bagel in the morning. Smoked trout and horseradish spread.
  • Sausage Craft Cerdito Sausage – Meant to emulate the flavors of roast Cuban pork shoulder; made from pork, cilantro, orange zest, garlic, cumin and other spices. Savory and warming like the Caribbean sun!  Cuban style sausage and beans
  • Chicken breast – here is an easy way to poach your chicken breast on stove top, perfectly. It calls for boneless, and to pound it, but I used this just fine earlier this week without doing either.

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