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What’s in the Share – strawberries, asparagus, bison – week of 4/17


11084032_10153185802240935_7942784199934615198_oHope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather and are settling into your CSA food. We have a lovely share coming your way this week. Keep in mind that these previews are what we think will be in the share, and may change due to a number of reasons. We ask you stay open minded when substitutions arise. Thank you!

Produce – so far:

  • bibb lettuce – Linda Bruce, Rain or Shine Greenhouse Gardens
  • mushrooms – Rob Woolfolk, Beaver Dam, VA
  • asparagus –  Sneads Aparagus Farm, Emmet Snead, Fredericksburg, VA. We made eggs benedict with asparagus and bacon for my mom for Easter Brunch.
  • strawberries – Anne + Chuck Geyer, Agriberry, Hanover, VA – We also made vegan strawberry shortcake with coconut whip for my mom. I’ve taken her off dairy and gluten for her eczema, which has been super helpful. I am planning a batch of strawberry balsamic jam, and going to try it in my Instant Pot. I made it last year as gifts for Mother’s Day and it is the best jam I’ve ever made. This recipe makes 4 jars.
  • spinach – Flores Farm, Northern Neck VA – Try my spinach strawberry salad with caramelized nuts(uses honey, but you can sub maple syrup to make vegan) – you can top with chèvre! The Agriberry vinegars are amazing in this.
  • leeks – Flores Farm, Northern Neck, VA – Mac and Cheese with braised leeks, asiago + park breadcrumbs.
  • red onions – Flores Farm, Northern Neck, VA  – spinach, mushroom, goat cheese pizza.
  • Chives or thyme – Flores Farm, Northern Neck, VA – Romanian gypsies are said to have used chives in their fortune-telling rites, and hung garlands of chives around their homes to ward off disease and evil spirits. I have them growing in my kitchen herb garden, and snip them into small bits, into eggs, potatoes, salads, vegetables. Here are thehealth benefits along with a fines herb omelet. Here are some other  ways to use them.
  • honey** – Hungry Hill Farm – Try strawberry honey butter. Steal a strawberry and some  yogurt away to make this face mask. Here is a strawberry honey smash cocktail perfect for porch sitting. **If you are vegan and home delivered, email me for a sub. Otherwise, check with Mark at pickup. 
  • Virginia Peanut Company – chocolate peanuts – lightly salted. These are ridiculous. Store in your refrigerator. Hide them from your children.


  • ground bison – Edmonds Farm, Lancaster, VA – we love to make burgers with these – go easy on toppings and condiments, they are so flavorful all you really need is salt and pepper. You can use the Bibb lettuce as a bun. However, you can make almost anything wth bison you would use ground beef in. Bison is super lean, so make sure to use coconut oil, butter, ghee, olive oil, bacon fat or another fat when frying. Cooking time is fast, temperature is lower.  Here are some cooking tips. We love Don and  Kim Edmonds and their 3 little girls. Their farm is a Dr. Dolittle kind of place – Don was a vet tech, and has a soft spot for rescues and odd creatures. He has a pet possum, emus, some other exotic birds I can’t remember, a tame bison named Ginger that grew up in the house alongside a fawn, lots of cats, dogs, ducks of many types, chickens, pigs and of course the majestic bison.
  • Bison Jerky – Edmonds Farm, Lancaster, VA – super good snack to keep you from going  hungry!
  • Smoked bacon – Edmonds Farm. This bacon is super tasty. Its got terrific smoked flavor, but not cured, so make sure to cook it up quickly after defrosting. Try roasted asparagus with mushrooms and bacon.Its amazing with greens,


  • Billy Bread– Leckers Baking Company, Richmond, VA – This bread is renowned in RVA and served in many of its best restaurants. It’s one of Mark’s favorites.  Its a crusty artisan multi-grain sourdough, and includes spelt rye and whole wheat berries.  It’s 100 percent hand-made and naturally leavened. Do not be dismayed by its hard exterior! it is best eaten quickly, but here are some tips to use it if you don’t.  Try goat cheese toasts with honey and thyme. Use it to sop up sauces and to convey goat cheese to mouth.  Eat spread with very good butter and very good preserves or the strawberry honey butter above.


  • Peachy Family chèvre – We love the Peachys, an Amish farm family from Pennsylvania who we have gotten to know over the years, and we are happy to partner with them.  One of my favorite easy treats is plain chevre drizzled with honey with strawberries. Its great on pizza, in a salad, on a cracker or veggies. Top the asparagus with it.  Here’s 39 other ways to use goat cheese.


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