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What’s in the Share – Week of 5/11

Happy Cooking for this wonderful CSA share this week in Richmond, VA and Washington, DC.

13063115_10153923646585935_5214467713006134061_oVeg is looking like:

  • Bibb
  • Romaine
  • Asparagus – grill bacon wrapped asparagus . We also made asparagus kale soup last week. Here’s a vegan version.
  • Strawberries –  I posted info on how to freeze them to use later in the season in smoothies. You can also make fruit leather, dehydrate for snacks, or jam. Here is the boss small batch strawberry balsamic jam recipe I posted in the group that I made for Mother’s Day gifts last year. I cooked it in the slow cooker. this makes only 4 half pints, so refridgerate, eat on the biscuits, or give away. No need to process. But if you want to process, I used a saucepan, and a veggie steamer and it worked great. I used this on baked brie at mom’s for Easter.
  • Ramps or rhubarb – not sure yet
    • if Ramps: Treat them like you would garlic or onions, only better, and you’ll be ok. Here’s a great video on how to find, clean and pickle them. They are forest foraged, so still have soil on them. Clean them well, dirt can hide in them, like leeks. Use the leaves to make pesto, or chimmichurri – this recipe puts it on grilled polenta. If you aren’t going to get to them for a bit, cut off your leaves – use those quickly, and keep the bottoms in a bag in your fridge. I have actually had them stay in the fridge for a month or so.  They are great in biscuits. Put on pizza.
    • If Rhubarb – Here’s sweet recipes. Here’s savory recipes. Here’s my blog on rhubarb that includes my grandma’s rhubarb pie recipe, and then down in the comments my mom posts how to make rhubarb ice cream, and rhubarb sauce.
  • Arugula – good on pizza with the ramps. add it to asparagus soup, Make strawberry arugula salad. .
  • Swiss chard –  Swiss chard is delicious, versatile, and don’t forget to pickle the stems. It is hearty enough to stand in for pasta, say in a lasagna. The stems take longer to cook than leaves, so I usually put stems in first, then leaves. Here are some ideas.
  • Cilantro – use it in your ramp chimmichurri.
  • Red radishes – young radishes have a sweetness to them. Try roasted radishes with brown butter, radish tops, and lemon. You can also sautee the tops like any green.  Slice and add to salad. Pickle. Here are some recipes. There is a radish corn salad in here, that would be good with your corn if you haven’t used it yet.
  • Garlic – this goes in your pesto, or chimmichurri
  • Bok choy – bok choy with garlic
  • Chamomile — so many neat things you can do: fresh tea is amazing, but you can use it in ice cream – here’s a vegan salted caramel chamomile version, make simple syrup, put it in cocktails, add it to salads, crostini, chop fine and add to yogurt like you would with dill. bake a cake here’s ideas. Here’s some health and beauty things you can do.
  • Sugar Snap Peas – quinoa salad with sugar snap peas, Here’s a few more ways.
Fruit – Strawberries. Possibly rhubarb, if he finds some.


Rappahannock River Oysters
Rappahannock River Oysters

Oysters and Clams –  how to shuck an oyster with Chef Pete at Merroir. How to prepare them raw 0 use your ramps, garlic, or green onions! Grill them. Here’s a few other methods of cooking like roasting, and steaming. Here’s how to steam clams. Here’s the Ultlimate Pasta with Clams – perfect if you still have your pasta from the other week! Clams with bacon, cilantro, ginger and galic (sub ramps!!) Make oyster shooters. You can use sake, tequila, vodka etc. Look them up. You’ll be in heaven.

Alt Meat – not sure yet. If you had alt meat last week — check with Mark to see what your selection is.

Cheese – Goat Feta from Peachy Family Far– Snap pea salad with radish and feta. .

pea, feta and mint toasts (sub chamomile!) 

Bread – Prairie Grain


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