What’s in the Share – 4/22+23

Here is the preview menu of what we think will be in the share for 4/22+23. Remember the menu may change between now and when you actually receive it due to weather, product availability. We will try to let you know any major changes by email, and also post on our Facebook page, Facebook group, and on Instagram. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!  Lauren, who helps in the market and packing shares, is helping with some of the produce recipes this week. 

PRODUCE * indicates small share. Produce is from Flores Family Farm (George, Omar and family) Hague, Va. 

  • StrawberriesAgriberry – Hanover VA – We love to just eat them out of box. There are so many delicious strawberry recipes! Have you ever tried a strawberry shrub? This will be your go-to drink this spring! Find the recipe here
  • Mushrooms* AM Fog, Afton, VA blend of oyster easy sauteed mushrooms. You can also substitute butter for the oil if you like butter. I do. Here are some other recipes. Mushroom pate is a favorite too – make it vegan by substituting a non-dairy butter.  Here is a guide to storing mushrooms. If your mushrooms dry, don’t throw them out – save them for savory mushroom powder. Its delish. 
  • Ramps* – these are sustainably foraged for us and are alliums (onion garlic family). they will have wide green leaves, and white bulbs and a pungent scent. Use the leaves for pesto.  s –ramps on gritsramp compound butterpestoramped up crostini with fresh ricotta and pea shoots they are excellent on pizza and can be pickled – which are great in savory cocktails. I love this Green Goddess dressing with ramps and I have subbed in yogurt for milk. 
  • Rutabagas* – These are a rotound yellow root vegetable with a purple/dark red stripe on them. They are delicious! You can use a potato peeler to peel them. They are great baked, roasted, mashed and more. Here are recipes.
  • Spinach* – these will be green leaves. They are great in salads, pesto, sauteed. Try this potato crusted spinach fritatta.
  • Salad Mix with Kale* – try this yummy salad with strawberries, honey balsamic and feta. 
  • Asparagus* – Cilantro is a versatile herb that thrives in cooler weather. Here are some ways to use it. 
  • Carrots – carrots are versatile and everyone loves them. They can be roasted, eaten raw, baked and boiled.  Here are some easy recipes.  I am dying to make this vegan carrot bacon that is floating around on Facebook! 
  • Spring Onions Red/White* These will have tubular green stems and red bulbs. Use the tops too! Here are some recipes
  • Spring Garlic – This will have long flattish leaves and a pungent scent. It might have bulbs. Use this like you would garlic or onions — chop it up and add it to salads. Put this in your green goddess dressing. Here’s a quick guide. Here are spring garlic fried eggs. 
  • Mint – make chimichurri sauce and put it on everything – sandwiches, burgers, rice, grains, vegetables…you can add  the spring garlic,  ramp leaves and spinach. 
  • Buckwheat Pancake Mix– Wades Mill, Raphine, VA These are delicous! Top them with this easy berry compote from Minimalist Baker. 


  • Maple Pork BBQ – Southernmost Maple – This is a delicious quick meal – just heat and eat — add a salad and a side of rutabaga mash and roasted asparagus and you are all set! I like to keep this in the freezer for a busy night.  
  • Bacon –Polyface Farms Swope, VA   spinach salad with hot bacon dressing
  • ground beef -Harmony Hill Farm – Here are some tips for cooking grass fed beef. Picadillo is one of my favorite ways to use ground beef – included here are slow cooker and instant pot versions. 


  • Billy Bread – Rustic Sourdough — This is the famous Billy Bread!  Don’t distress if it starts to get hard before you can eat it all, although it is easy to eat it all at once – it is so delicious. Here are some ways to revive and  use leftover sourdough bread. 


  • Cheese -mozzarella or feta – Mt View – Make shakshuka if you get feta! This is one of my favorite dishes of all times and showcases the eggs beautifully in a dish that is great for either brunch or dinner. If you get mozzarella, make this rainbow veggie sandwich
  • Here’s a tutorial on how to strain yogurt to make it thick like Greek. If you let it sit longer it makes yogurt cheese that you can use like cream cheese. Delicous and easy. 

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