What’s in the shares/market 6/10

Here are some berry storage tips for fragile berries to help keep them fresher longer in hot humid days – from Agriberry our fruit partner. 

This week’s menu is below – subject to change. 

PRODUCE * indicates small share. Produce is from Flores Family Farm (George, Omar and family) Hague, Va.

FRUIT SHARE/from Agriberry 

  • Strawberries – 
  • Blueberries – 

PANTRY SHARE – honey — if I know you are vegan you will get a sub. If you have not told me you are vegan, please do so. 


Bi-weekly Shares

  • Bison NY Strip Steaks – this is one of our premium meat items which we give a few times a season. It is smaller in volume and more expensive in price (steak in general as you may know, is more expensive than ground meat).  Bison is classified as a wild animal by the USDA and they are harder to raise by the farmer thus it is the most expensive meat item that we have. We try to average out the meat over the season in value and a few treats. This is why your meat share seems smaller this time.  Here are some cooking tips for grass-fed bison = keep it simple less time, less heat. 
  • sausage (bulk)

Weekly shares

  • whole roasting chicken
  • ground beef


  • Billy Bread – rustic sourdough – now available to add on in the Bakery section! 


  • Cheese – Mt View Pimento cheese — this is so yummy and versatile!