What’s In the Share – Thanksgiving Edition

Hello members, Here is the anticipated list for Thanksgiving week. If you are traveling and forgot to hold your share, please email me.

Keep in mind this menu may still change as we are still getting available items in. 

A note on the Billy Bread — when you get it and you plan to keep it on the counter – please take it out of the plastic bag so that it can breathe. If it gets moisture trapped in there, it will mold. I keep mine the in the fridge  in the plastic bag after the first day. 

Holiday turkeys   are still available to reserve online with a $20 deposit, balance due upon receipt. After you order, message me when you want it – date and where, and also the @ lb range so I can best match you up. We also have turkey legs, and ground turkey. Bison steaks, filet, bones, Pork butt, Beef Brisket and lamb leg are also available online. Please share with friends and neighbors who may want a turkey, as we have ordered more than have been purchased. As we have passed the deadline for this week, message me if you want it for this coming week and I will make it work for you. 

Turkey tips: We will be defrosting turkeys coming for you on 11/25 in our big walk-in cooler. Here are some tips for safe defrosting from the USDA. 

These turkeys are pastured and it has been out working the pasture vs being raised indoors in close quarters – it will be leaner and have more muscle. They will need more fat – so don’t be afraid to use a lot of butter. They will also cook faster – so plan about 8-10 mintues per pound at 325.  Use a thrmometer and pull it out when it reaches 160 degrees – let it rest for 15 minutes – it will continue cooking when it is out of the oven- and should be done at 165 degrees. Brining is great, but not necessary – here is a simple brining recipe from Sheri Salatin. Here is a fancier turkey brine recipe from Nigella Lawson that I have made – make sure to adjust your cooking time and temp for your pastured bird.  More here

Here are some overall Thanksgiving cooking tips from local chef Bryan Voltaggio – we got to meet him at a wonderful event at the Russell Senate building a few years ago when local chefs and farm to table entrepeneurs made food for Congress – Mark spoke, and we had the FarmBus for members to tour.

If you love the CSA, please share it with friends! Another member is moving and we are looking for someone to take over their weekly Veg share – value $455.40 including fees etc – this can be put towards any type of share, anywhere, or any frequency and I can do installments. Ask your friends and neighbors. Anyone who joins will earn you a $25 referral reward when they use your name upon sign up! So share away! 

Yard Signs – We will have yard signs at Eastern Market and Farm to Family Market and can drop off for you if you are home delivered. We get a tremendous response from this type of marketing. If you would like a yard sign – let us know. Thank you for sharing us with your neighbors and friends. 

PRODUCE Produce is from Flores Family Farm (George, Omar and family) Hague, Va. 

MEAT – ; 

BREAD – Billy Bread rustic sourdough – start this decadent but easy breakfast the night before overnight french toast bake – there are savory and sweet options, and you can adjust to your own needs (vegan, savory,  sweet,  dairy free, sugar free, etc.)


  • Cheese – Mixed Mountain View cheeses