What’s in the Share and at the Market 3/9+10

We have a great share for you this coming week -right now it seems as though March is a lamb. Spring is coming – If you have not signed up yet for the new season, please do so. If you think you might move, please email me before signing up.

Enjoy this week’s food, and Happy Cooking! Here is the menu. As we are getting to the end of stored veggies and reduced harvest, please expect changes to the menu. No recipes as I am still trying to process the new season for you all. 

PRODUCE Produce is from Flores Family Farm (George, Omar and family) Hague, Va. 

  • sorghum molasses – this is wonderful for baking, in coffee, all kinds of cool things like marinade and BBQ sauce. Here are some ideas.
  •  mushrooms
  • bibb lettuce – hydroponic
  • golden beets
  • rainbow carrots
  • apples
  • peanuts – chocolate
  • kale
  • apple cider
  • baby turnips
  • rutabagas 

MEAT – will be a mix

BREAD -Billy Bread rustic sourdough


  • goat cheese