What’s in the CSA Share and at the Farm to Family Market 7/7

Welcome to our new members this week – we are so glad to have you! What a stellar share this is!! 

Summer holidays  – if you are traveling, don’t forget to put your shares on hold. Just a reminder – our CSA vacation is August 11th and 18th – there will not be any CSA those weeks.  Please mark your calendars and make arrangements to feed your family if you are not on vacation those weeks. We hope you are loving the glorious abundance of summer fruit!! 

Home Delivery – Richmond home delivery – your delivery day is WEDNESDAY.

  • Cooler Bins/Porch Pirates – Please try to have a cooler or bin out with ice for delivery people to leave your share in – some of you still do not have one out for us. With warmer temps, this will preserve your share, especially more delicate items. The bin method tucked away from your door (let us know where you want it) also helps to disguise your share if porch pirates roam your neighborhood looking for opportune booty – we have occasionally had shares stolen and we find this method an effective deterrant.

Below is the preview menu, subject to change. Reminder – if something is wrong with your share/delivery, let us know right away so we can remedy it for you!

Happy Cooking and Eating!

~ Suzi

PRODUCE – Produce is from Flores Family Farm (George, Omar and family) Hague; , Va unless otherwise indicated. 

  • Blackberries – Agriberry, Hanover, VA – you are going to pop these right in your mouth! But if you make it home with them, you can make Blackberry Buckle, one of Mark’s mom’s favorite ole timey desserts. we encourage you to eat your berries quickly, as they are fragile and may not hold up
  • Corn – grill it, boil it, put it in a saladpickle it. Corn is best eaten early in the share so it is sweet and fresh – as it ages it becomes starchy and the kernels dry up. 
  • Hanover tomatoes Rosa’s Garden, Mechanicsville, VA – These are world renowned! Make a Sammie! Top them with chevre! Make tomato pie
  • cherry tomatoes – easy blistered cherry tomatoes with pastapanzanella
  • Pattypan/Cue ball squash – In honor of the government UFO report, we bring you Pattypan Flying Saucer squash! And Cueball Squash. Both of these are great on the grill, sliced, drizzled with olive oil, herbs, salt and pepper (or in the oven.) Grilled or roasted pattypan “steaks” with Italian Salsa Verde
  •  Malabar spinach – this is a great hot weather green – here is more info and a recipe for Indonesian style malabar spinach. 
  • Cucumbers – here are some suggestions on what to do with cukes
  • Spring Onions – zucchini fritter with spring onions
  • Pepper mix – we are excited for these! You can sautee them with your squash, and eggplant and onions, throw them in a fritatta, and so much more! Here are some ideas
  • Eggplant – Here are some recipes to try. eggplant goatcheese “sandwiches”
  • Celery – not your average boring pale grocery celery, this is verdant and green and super flavorful. so don’t let it languish in the fridge drawer The leaves are one of our favorite things and here are some tips to use them!

FRUIT share – We are really rocking the fruit now! 

Here is a fancy dessert – Summer Pavlova with fresh and grilled berries


  • Salami – Eliza Greenman – Hogtree, Leesburg, VA – Your salami may have a coating of white or other color  on the outside of the casing – this is normal, safe and good — it is penicillium nalgiovense a type of mold that is used in the traditional curing and fermentation process. It protects the salami from any competing​ mold ​or bacteria growth, and from drying out during the curing process and also helps to give it unique flavor and character. Here is more info on salami mold
  • Trout
  • Ground Beef


  • Prairie Grain Mix

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