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Fall/Winter CSA shares are live for subscriptions. Join Now! Don’t Delay!

The Fall Winter CSA IS HERE!!! Our 2021/22 Fall/Winter CSA season is LIVE for subscription. It starts October 12/13 depending on your location. There is a one week break between Summer and Fall seasons. The season runs 22 weeks thru the 3rd week of March ending March 23, depending on your location. There is a 2 week Winter holiday break: There will be NO CSA 2/22 or 12/29. Mark your calendars. Sign Up Today — Don’t delay!

Please share us with your friends, family and coworkers – if they sign up and use your name during sign up, you will earn a $25 referral reward – share early and often! Watch for a shareable social media post.


FULL SHARE SAVINGS – Sign up anytime this season and SAVE 10% on Full Share purchase (this is for the combo produce, meat, dairy and bread share ONLY) use code: 10FULL – This is the best deal and includes installments .

ACTIVE MILITARY/VETERANS/FIRST RESPONDERS- Use our 10% military discount code to save on all CSA shares signing up anytime during the season. Please email with proof of your service for the code, as it has changed. THIS IS THE BEST DEAL FOR YOU if you are Active military, Veteran or First Responder (Police, Fire, EMT).

Descriptions of each share/prices are on the website. All shares except Farm To Family will be pre-bagged using Covid-19 precautions. These are not packed in the most sustainable packing materials – but they are more sanitary. More information is in FAQs and Policies.

Shopping tips:

USE THE RIGHT CODE for your share/s to get the best value. If you are getting the Full share or the Military/Veteran/First Responder discount, when you get towards the end of the sign up process, you will be prompted to enter in the discount code in a field towards the top and the software will subtract it at checkout.

HOW MUCH IS IT?The price shown for a subscription is for the ENTIRE Season for weekly. In order to find out YOUR price, go thru the process like you are purchasing – when you choose your frequency – weekly/biweekly in the drop down menu – your cost will also adjust. It will pro-rate and adjust if you join after we start. If you leave your cart and come back, make sure to clear your cart to avoid duplicate purchase.

Choose FALL/WINTER 2021/22 subscriptions and dropsites, as Spring/Summer are still up for a few more weeks. Summer drops are still active so that we can communicate with you. This is to avoid confusion with Fall subscribers receiving emails meant for Summer.

Home Delivery – This is $10/time and will be auto-charged up front in full for the season when you purchase your share (i.e. 11 x season = $220 delivery charge plus whatever your share costs). You will see these on your invoice/receipt. If you choose installment payments this will also be split up.

Weekly shares – Eastern Market and Farm to Family are weekly shares. Everywhere else is biweekly. If you want a drop site or home delivery and want a weekly share, you will go in and create a second biweekly subscription that is a drop site (Farm to Family and Eastern Market are weekly). You may have to log out and log back in to do the second share. Email me if this is what you are doing and I will double check to make sure you do it correctly and make sure your schedule alternates. Email me if you need help.

Other tips/FAQ

Add ons are available for the season or by the time – eggs and all other dairy items, tofu, bread, coffee, honey, pasta and other pantry items, some meats allowing you to customize your share.

Changes – frequency or modifying your share. If you are new, it is good to start biweekly to see how your family does with the volume. Once we get in the season, you may want to change frequency or make other changes – email me so I can advise and help you.

Moving? Partial seasons available for people who may be moving (email for info – don’t sign up online. I will set you up manually.) If you have the slightest thought about moving, let me know ahead of time. Email and I can advise you on how best to proceed. I usually set you up manually.

Installment payments available – 1-4 payment available depending on type of share – the installment schedule is monthly until your share is paid. You will be billed the first portion of your bill the day you join, and then charged every 30 days on about the same date until your account is paid off 2, 3 or 4 installments – so if you join on September 10, your next payments will be October 10, November 10th etc until you are done – then you are paid for the season. This is different than some payment plans where payments are spread out over the season. The nature of the CSA model is that members usually pay in full up front for the season, so that money/working capital is available to work with farmers throughout the season – most CSAs do not have payment plans at all. This partnership with you helps keep the fragile farm micro-economy intact and moving. This is even more important this season in this time of pandemic uncertainty – our farmers are really challenged with staying in business so this helps them. In some ways it is like buying stock, and instead of dividends, you receive food. This hybrid installment schedule helps us get payment earlier than later, but still allows you to split it up, so we can continue to work with small farmers.

Seasonal Member Dues – All members excepting promotions will be charged seasonal membership dues that include delivery and administrative costs. DC is $100 for the weekly season, $50 for biweekly season; RVA is $50/weekly season, $25 for biweekly and will be prorated if you join post start. These dues are charged separately from CSA food charges, upon on-boarding. It is charged shortly after you join, to the card on file if you pay via card, or you will be notified of the amount to add to your payment due if you pay via check or cash. See Policies and FAQs for more info.

Financial Challenges – If you need more installments for your payment plan than offered on the website please email us. We want everyone to be able to afford the CSA and we know this year finances are more challenging.

Account Credit rolls season to season. If you have credit with us, the software will look for it, apply it, then charge your card on file the balance.

Payment by check/online billypay, money orders. Checks should be made out to Farm to Family, LLC and can be mailed or given to Mark. You will be told your member fee so you can add this to your check/cash payment.

Payments by credit/debit cards have a 3.5% surcharge fee which you will be reminded of by CSAware if you choose this payment method. As a small business in an industry with thin margins and high rates of product shrinkage due to limited shelf life, we, along with other CSAs, farms and other food service providers, have chosen to charge this fee instead of raising our prices to cover it. Choose the surcharge fee-free options provided of check, online bill pay or money order to avoid the surcharge. If you pay in this way, we recommend that you also add a card to keep on file to make a la carte add on shopping for small items easier – otherwise you will have to write checks each time for small amounts and I will have to add on your item manually.

Share Donation program – our share donation program is more important than ever this year with record number of families dealing with unemployment and financial challenges. When you hold/put on vacation a share, you have the option to donate. Any missed/forgotten shares you don’t tell us about (message Suzi if you are going to miss or forgot or had some sort of mitigating circumstance) go towards our donation program that provides under-served families and individuals with CSA shares and food. You can also donate towards or purchase shares to support our families. Contact us for more information.

Currently out of town/uncertain of return but don’t want to miss out – Email Suzi on how best to proceed for your situation.

Questions? Email or call Mark at 804-397-7337.

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