Busfarm is our urban farm. Through Busfarm, we seek to accomplish the urban agricultural and educational goals that we have set in place through  Farm to Family. Our plan is to establish an Urban Farm Training Center where we can help educate kids/veterans and others about growing, preparing and eating healthy food and food security issues. We are in the developing stages of this project with lots of project/events on the horizon. Stay tuned for all of the excitement that is to come!

GIVE A  GIFT TO BUSFARMContact us today about donating a gift to BusFarm.

Will Allen, CEO and founder of Growing Power congratulates Mark Lilly on the completion of his Commercial Urban Agriculture program.

We thank Will Allen as a mentor. He was our special guest for our first fundraiser on Saturday, July 14, 2012. Check out our blog posts on the composting workshop, and the Local Foods Dinner.

We are grateful to have had such a great opportunity to learn from  Growing Power founder/leader Will Allen, and bring this knowledge back to Richmond, VA.


We are in need of grantwriting and fundraising assistance.

We are also in need of funds/donated equipment to improve our Urban Farm and get ready for the growing season. We need to purchase equipment and raw materials for the following:

  • raised beds
  • hoop houses
  • upgrade our greenhouse
  • hydroponics
  • vermiculture
  • compost units
  • seeds
  • tools
  • irrigation system
  • aquaponics

Please donate today to help us promote awareness, educate, empower and fund many things that can help us help others, simply click on the DONATION button below to pay through Paypal.

If you prefer to donate by check, please mail to:

Farm to Family
2817 Mechanicsville Turnpike

Richmond, VA 23223

Thanks again for visiting our site and being a part of the national and local slow food movement. Keep supporting your community and the country! We are grateful for your generous support of any amount so we can make these much needed changes that will help so many people.

Peace & Love, Mark and Suzi

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