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BusFarm Partners with inLieu Giving for New Online Donation Platform

This year, instead of receiving gifts for your birthday, you can give the gift of sustainable farming and food security.

BusFarm invites YOU to celebrate your own life to help us grow food and teach others to farm and become food secure. Thanks to the launch of inLieu, a new company in Richmond, it’s as easy as donating your birthday, anniversary or memorializing a loved one.

Why? We felt it was so important that people learn how to farm and grow their own food that we started our own urban farm, BusFarm, right on the outskirts of the City of Richmond, in Henrico County, VA. Now it is easy for you to help us grow our farm to help more people learn about farming and become empowered to gain the skills, confidence and knowledge to plant and harvest their own food.   When people can grow their own food, harvest, preserve and cook it, they become food secure.

How? Meet inLieu Giving! They make it easy for you to start a campaign to celebrate your birthday, favorite holiday or special event by asking your friends and family to give donations instead of gifts. This is also a great way to teachchildren about the value of giving back and to become curious about growing and eating healthy food.

When? You can start your own campaign anytime! Simply visit InLieu to get started with your donation event. Its easy and fun. And you’ll have all the tools you need to make your campaign successful.

What does your donation give BusFarm?

  • $3  purchases a package of organic, heirloom seeds
  • $5 purchases 2 bales of straw
  • $20 purchases a hand spade, hand cultivator, pair of work gloves and shovel
  • $35 purchases a wheel barrow
  • $40 – purchases a 100 foot hose or 500 feet drip irrigation tubing
  • $100- purchases supplies to make 10 vermicosting compost bins
  • $1500 – purchases supplies needed to build a hoop house to grow plants, sprouts and seedlings year round.
  • $2500 – purchases supplies to build an aquaponic system to grow fish and hydroponic plants

BusFarm’s focus is on sustainable urban agricultural initiatives, including an urban agriculture-training center that will train youth and adults how to grow healthy soil, food and communities. Striving to inspire and motivate people into action, BusFarm aims to provide the resources that help individuals take responsibility to sustain their communities. The BusFarm urban farm re-connects people back to the earth and their food through the hands-on processes of daily activities and seasonal rhythms including: planting, harvesting, cooking, preserving, construction, composting, soil building, bee keeping, vermiculture, aquaponics, retail marketing and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to create a local, regenerative, highly resilient model others can follow.

Thank you so much for considering a donation to BusFarm!