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DC’s Hill Rag Coverage of our Eco-Friendly Home Delivered CSA

geoffWe are grateful for this great article in  Hill Rag this past week on our CSA’s  new eco-friendly delivery by trike to Capitol Hill residents. We are excited to partner with Schlep. The trike home delivery will be available for the upcoming Spring/Summer season, debuting Tuesday, 3/28.  We also offer home delivery for our Richmond, VA CSA members (free for folks within a 5 mile radius of our home base). Sign up now!

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Week 3 CSA — Recipes/New Pop-Up Capitol Hill Farmer’s Market Thursdays

Apples and Onions, Delicious!
Apples and Onions, Delicious!

HI Members, Happy November. Hope you had a great halloween and remembered to turn your clocks back!  We still have some turkeys available. Let me know if you wish to get one.

Pickup this week is Tuesday at Eastern Market, DC 4-7pm, Wednesday at Patriot’s Plaza, DC 11-6.

  • New Pop-Up Market/Job Opportunity – Mark will be doing a pop-up Farmer’s Market on Thursdays at the corner of 8th St and East Capital, NE, DC from 11-7, in front of the little pharmacy that is for rent. He is looking for someone to help him! If you or someone you know can help, email Mark at or call 804-397-7337 and negotiate. Can be intern, maybe trade etc.

Here are your recipes:


Honeycrisp apples – honeycrisp sangria – this is a delicious recipe I’ve shared before!
Gold rush apples –
Colored carrots –
Red onion –
Cilantro –
White bok choy
Flat cabbage –
Spicy salad mix
Tuscan kale –

Happy New Year

Russet potatoes – so many fun things to do with mashed potatoes, here’s a recipe for potato sliders!

Meat share is:

Sausagecraft San Miniato or Saturday Nite Sausage (your choice upon picking up) –
Morning Glory chicken breast with tenderloin – (this one is fun for kids as it shows how to make little monograms for each individual pot pie)
^A great way to use your cilantro!
Ground beef –


CSA Farm Share Local Food

Join Now! 2015 DC/RVA Spring + Summer CSA Farm Shares

Spring Summer CSA Bounty
Spring Summer CSA Bounty

Spring is just around the corner which means its time to sign up for our 2015 Spring and Summer CSA Farm Shares.

We serve the Washington, DC area with convenient drops on Capitol Hill at Eastern Market, Petworth, Patriot’s Plaza and Falls Church/NOVA.

In RVA, drops are at our Farm to Family Market, West End/Kitchen Thyme, Woodlake/Chesterfield, Ash Creek/Hanover, Bell Creek/Hanover and Quinton/New Kent.

Our CSA features local, sustainably raised vegetables and fruits, grass-fed/pastured meats, grass-fed dairy and pastured eggs, fresh baked bread and add-ons ranging from local tofu/tempeh/vegan soysage, pizza and pastas, gluten-free baked goods, jams, honeys, and other artisanal pantry items. We offer flexibility, online share management, payment plans, and weekly or bi-weekly schedules.

Want more examples of what our CSA shares might look like? Visit our Facebook CSA share gallery. Please visit our online CSA store  to join, or for more info.

2015 Spring-Summer CSA pricing

 Produce share – (10 to 14 items) $44 —-weekly cost  $1,080 — bi-weekly $540

Dairy share – (milk/goat milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, eggs) $33 —-weekly cost $768 —-bi-weekly $384

Meat – (3-7lbs or 2-4 items depending on the variety and cut) $35 —weekly cost $840 —bi-weekly $420

Bread – (white, wheat, nine grain, spelt, herb) $6 —-weekly cost $144 —-bi-weekly $72 GF Bread (multigrain, white, cinnamon) $10 – weekly cost $240 —bi-weekly $120

Full Share – Produce, Meat, Dairy, Bread -$118 —-weekly cost $2,832 —-bi-weekly $1,416


Weekly members (6 month) one time Member fee $110

Bi weekly members (6 month) one time Member fee $55

10% discount for all former and current military members (not including member fee)



Gluten free bread-cookies-pizza dough-pie crust-bagels

Fermented foods  (kraut-juice-pickles)

Honey $10 (local and raw)


  • Spring-Summer CSA runs for 24 weeks. Starts April 21st and runs through September 28th 2015
  • If you have any allergies or need to sub out any items please let us know
  • If any share is paid up front in full we will waive all member fees
  • Shares can also be broken up into 3 payments for veg, meat and dairy, 4 for the Full share
  • Referral Reward Program earns you $25 credit reward for each member you refer
  • As of now (subject to change to Wednesdays) pickups are at Eastern Market every Tuesday 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, other drop sites pending 10 members.
  • You can manage your CSA online-buy extra items-put your share on hold if traveling, etc.
  • Please have any changes to your share to us by Friday the week before pickup
  • All products are within your local food shed, (Virginia-Maryland) and from small farms (5 acres or less)
  • We partner closely with like-minded farmers who use no chemicals or pesticides in their growing methods and are practicing organic type farming.

Meats and DairyPlease visit our online CSA  to join, or for more info.  Questions?  Contactor call 804-397-7339.






CSA Farm Share Local Food Recipes

Hello Winter – Mid-season of our CSA

Mark traveled this road last week picking up from our farms in Dayton, VA, in the Shenandoah Valley

We are at the halfway mark in our CSA – Welcome to Winter!  This time of year farm production typically starts to slow down due to winter’s colder and unpredictable weather with possible snow and ice inhibiting green growing things. With that said, what are you going to see in your CSA and in the Markets? I’ve gotten a few emails from people who are not quite sure what to expect. Keep in mind that being in a CSA is not quite like going to the grocery store, so selection this time of year tends to be less interesting than summer’s bounty, and you may see some of the same items more frequently.

We are lucky that Virginia is not only a 4 season growing state, but it has a growing number of farmers who are using alternative farming methods like high tunnels, hoop houses and indoor hydroponics and green houses to keep things growing.  We are also incredibly lucky that Mark is a great forager, and he has built amazing relationships with farmers so he is able to keep finding fresh and unique food, even in cold and snow. Think of your farmer, his animals and h

You will notice with our winter selection that this time of year we do rely on veggies and fruits that have been harvested and stored in the fall – root veggies, squashes, apples. You will also see  a lot of different types greens, dependent on the weather. Hardy greens do OK even in cold and snow, but don’t like cold winds or ice. Brassicas like cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kohlrabi, cauliflower and broccoli also like the cold.  You will also continue to get mushrooms, hydroponic lettuce, and herbs. We will try to keep items rotated so things don’t get monotonous and you don’t end up frustrated by a kale, turnip, potato CSA.  Mark is on the lookout for other fresh stuff that may be growing in greenhouses, so there may be surprises on the horizon. Please know that some weeks if the weather is particularly bad you may get dried items like popcorn or beans, or pantry items like jam, honey, peanuts or other preserved food. Winter is the time to eat preserved and reserved stores. I encourage you to use your favorite search engine, or Pinterest to find different fun recipes for winter staples. If you simply can’t face adding another squash to your collection, please know you can email me so we can make arrangements to swap it out. Squash makes great pie, btw, so consider creative ways to use your veggies and fruits.

Box Hold Reminder – If you put a  box on hold, please remember to send an email to let me know how you wish to redeem it. If you plan to pick up on a different week, or double up, I need to know your plans in advance in order to pack your food for you. We are very flexible with our box holds because we know life happens, but know we pack the amount of food according to the number of members I have on my list, so if you just show up, you run the risk of not getting a share. Thank you for your consideration.




  • apples –
  • yellow onions
  • AM Fog oyster  mushrooms * changed
  • potatoes – Try this potato chowder recipe. You can make it vegan or veg, by substituting non-dairy items.
  • bibb lettuce
  • cabbage – Here’s a recipe for Hungarian cabbage and noodles, from our friend Tim Vidra.
  • collards – Try the California Bean Burger Collard Wrap by Brittany Mullins. There’s a link for a bean burger in there, that those of you who got the black beans last week might like to try.
  • brussels sprouts
  • thyme
  • turnips – Here’s a great recipe for root veggie gratin!!


  • Southernmost Maple whole broiler chicken
  • Fleetwell Farm pork chops – Try stuffed porkchops with thyme apple sauce
Apples and Onions, Delicious!
Apples and Onions, Delicious!

Our feature recipe this week, is Fried Apples ‘n Onions, and it will go wonderfully with the pork chops. It would also make a delicious breakfast. It comes from the Little House Cookbook, by Barbara M. Walker, which features recipes from the Little House series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. The recipe is from one of my favorite books, Farmer Boy. It’s a wonderful book to read aloud to your family (as are all the books in the series.) and it is a wonderful place to visit. As many of you know, I grew up 6 miles from the Wilder Family Farm in Burke, NY. He and Laura are actually ancestors of mine. I particularly like Farmer Boy because it helps me to understand my family’s farm roots.  When I read it I imagine my great greats, William + Lydia, my great grandfather John and his sisters scrabbling out a living on their farm and hunting and playing in the woods. We even have pictures of them at the Franklin County Fair, just like Almanzo and his family. If you plan to go, let me know because there are a few amazing places to visit near the Wilder Farm, including High Falls in Burke village, a wonderful place to picnic and swim and there is wonderful fishing along Trout River.

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